Boji Token (BOJI)
BOJI Token was created on 3rd April 2022 with a powerful community which is all open communication for building a better world for stray animals with the partnerships with charities and Non-governmental organizations. The aim is to bring the crypto world and animal lovers together and support all the animals that need helps, feeding the hungry animals and adopt them from the streets and shelters with Boji Token community.
Not only we are focusing on helping stray animals but also the technology of the Token with our launched Play to Earn hypercasual game. RunBOJI is officially launched by $BOJI on Binance Smart Chain blockchain as version 1st and the first game of $BOJI Token. It is an interactive, Hyper-Casual type game which is addictive. There is also a NFT collection about our token that has already been launched on OpenSea. Contract address : 0x1b19c6bb5ea3290dc8b4cb722dee9eea7bc7b164


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